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Spiritual Growth Institute Directory of Ministries
MINISTERS  (listed alphabetically by last name)

                             Kyle Burch, Ed.D.
                                    Spiritual Growth Institute, Community One (SGI #1)
                                    THE SPIRITUAL GROWTH PROJECT
                                    Master Key Seminars; Classes in Spiritual Development, 


                               The Rev. Dr. Jacquelyn H. Calderon Brewer
                                      One Us (SGI #8)
                                      Life Coaching; Meditation Sessions & Instruction; 
                                      Parenting Classes; New Mothers Classes; 
                                      Spiritual Education for Children; Weddings; Christenings; 
                                      Naming Ceremonies;Memorials; Guest Speaking;
                                      Classes on Ancient Civilizations and Spiritual Practices. 
                                      San Jose, CA (408) 694-2987 zoistedragon@gmail.com

                                The Rev. Juan M. Delgado
                                Transcender Instituto (SGI #5) En español
                                       ALL SERVICES AVAILABLE IN SPANISH or ENGLISH
                                       Weekend Seminars and Life Coaching, Weddings,
                                       Christenings, Quinceañeras for girls AND boys; 
                                       House Blessings; Spiritual Discernments; Spiritual Healing;
                                       Guest Speaking; Private Coaching. Classes on Men’s
                                       Spiritual Development; and Hispanic Spirituality.

​                                The Rev. Tim Mauro   
​                                        Music for Churches and Spiritual Centers.   
​                                        Available for Regular Weekend Services or Special Events.
                                        Weddings, Retreats, House Blessings Fremont, CA.
                                        email for more information: timmauromusic@gmail.com

                              The Rev. Julie Stein
​                              East Bay Spiritual Growth Institute (SGI #6)  
​                                     A Course in Miracles Study Groups.  
​                                    Guest Speaking; Weddings, Christenings,Funerals, Private
                                    Consultations. Life Coaching. Coaching other spiritual
                                    Leaders to turn their gifts into workshops and training
                                    programs. Referral to highly competent East Bay mind, body,
                                    and spirit practitioners. 
                                    Livermore, CA juliestein@comcast.net 

​                              The Rev. Vincent Jen-Wen Tseng, Ph.D.
                                     New Path Institute (SGI #2) 中國語文
                                     Master Key Seminars in Chinese; Classes, Meditation,
                                     Ceremonies available in Chinese.
​                                     929-140H E EL CAMINO REAL
                                     Sunnyvale, CA 94087   (408) 406-8821

Spiritual Growth Institute Directory of Ministers, Teachers, Practitioners

                             Charlene Heinzig, L.P.
                                    Solutions for Your Success (SGI #3)
                                    Life Coaching, Master Key Seminars; House Clearings and 
                                    Blessings, Specialized ministry for Senior Care.

Spiritual Growth Institute, Community One (SGI #1) 
Providers of the "SPIRITUAL GROWTH PROJECT" a one - three year program of education and experience in Non-Sectarian Spiritual Development. We also offer Spiritual Unfoldment Classes, Ministerial Leadership Classes, Spiritual Services, Weddings, Christenings, Blessings, Rites of Passage, Funerals, Holiday Services and community fellowship. 
We are "everyday people" who understand that there is a spiritual reality that pervades all existence and we discover how it works when we see unity in the ancient spiritual teachings of the world. 
PO BOX 3952 San Jose, CA 95150 (626) 354-0161
Kyle Burch, Ed.D. Spiritual Director
The Rev. Dr. Jacquelyn Calderon Brewer, Spiritual Director
Paul Brewer, L.P. Practitioner
Kyle Lye, L.P. Media Director

菩提學院 (SGI #2) New Path Institute (SGI #2)
CHINESE & ENGLISH Meditation Classes, Master Key System Seminars, Spiritual Services, Weddings, Blessings, Rites of Passage, Funerals, Spiritual Tours and community fellowship.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 406-8821
The Rev. Vincent Tseng, Spiritual Director

Solutions for Your Success (SGI #3)
Seminars in Life Coaching using the Master Key System by Charles Haanel
PO BOX 3952 San Jose CA 95150
Charlene Heinzig, L.P. Executive Director

Transcender Instituto (SGI #5) En español

SPANISH & ENGLISH Weekend Seminars/Retreats and Life Coaching, Leadership Development;
Men’s Spiritual Development; and Hispanic Spirituality.
28532 W Vista Grande Ct, Santa Nella, Ca 95322  (408) 300-4247
The Rev. Juan M. Delgado, Spiritual Director

East Bay Spiritual Growth Institute (SGI #6)  
Livermore, California
A Course in Miracles Study Groups. Guest Speaking; Weddings, Christenings,Funerals, Private Consultations. Life Coaching. Coaching other spiritual gifts into workshops and training programs. Referral to highly competent East Bay mind, body, and spirit practitioners. 
The Rev. Julie Stein, Spiritual Director
Contact: juliestein@comcast.net 

One Us (SGI #8)
PO BOX 3952; San Jose CA, 95150 
OneUs@gmail.com  (408) 649 - 2987
Spiritual Development and Meditation Classes for Children and Youth. Meditation and Prayer Counseling. Weddings, Funerals, Memorials, Trauma and Crisis Counseling.
The Rev. Dr. Jacquelyn Calderon Brewer , Spiritual Director
Paul Brewer, L.P. Practitioner

Charles F. Haanel, author of
"The Master Key System"
Kyle Lye, L.P.
Life Coaching, Master Key Seminars, 
Spiritual Counseling in the Chinese Language.
contact staff@spiritualgrowthinstituteca.org for more information.

Emma Curtis Hopkins
Teacher of Teachers
Paul Brewer, L.P.
Peer Support Services, Life Coaching
In San Jose, CA
Contact for more information
(669) 350-3061 Coolbrew3@hotmail.com