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About Spiritual Growth Institute
Spiritual Purpose
The Spiritual Growth Institute (SGI) is a global community of friends dedicated to teaching the Universal Spiritual Truths found in all World Faith traditions as interpreted in light of modern-day experience and as inspired by the historic teachings of the Grand Community of Metaphysical and New Thought Teachers from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Emma Curtis Hopkins to Charles Haanel. 
We are a parent ministerial organization that services its constituent ministries with Ministry Credentialing and unified Mission and Outreach.

The Spiritual Growth Institute (SGI) is dedicated to the Spiritual Growth and Human Progress of all the members through the practice of spiritual reading, daily meditation, affirmative prayer treatment, and goal setting through the use of the "Master Key System" by Charles F. Haanel.

The Spiritual Growth Institute (SGI) and its members shall welcome all people into membership and activities. Diversity is essential for our Spiritual growth. As a spiritual and educational community, we are dedicated to eliminating barriers that arise from race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, culture, religion, linguistic diversity, ability, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, personality, learning styles, life experiences or other human characteristics.

The Spiritual Growth Institute (SGI) and its members will work in cooperation and affiliation with the International New Thought Alliance and other New Thought denominations.

To encourage and promote each person's relationship with his/her "Master Within" (1John 4:4) by encouraging lives of compassion steeped in prayer and service to the community.

We are a Community of Friends experiencing the fullness of Life in Oneness with God as we create spiritual communities of encouragement.
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We are everyday people who understand that there is a spiritual reality that pervades all existence and we discover how it works when we see unity in the ancient spiritual teachings of the world.

We explore the spiritual teachings from all World Faiths and Culture as we look for unity and understanding. 

Spiritual Growth Institute is a New Kind of Church. Our outreach is to people who are turned off by traditional church but still want to experience Spiritual growth and community life. 

We gather for regular meditation times, inspirational services, classes, fellowship opportunities; weddings, christenings, blessings, rites of passage, funerals, and holiday services. We also do volunteer charity for the local community such as helping at the local food bank, collecting school supplies for needy children, and sending financial support to help UNICEF and other charitable agencies. Participation is open. 
Freewill donations are accepted but never required.
If you find ideas here that are similar to yours, 
please contact us!
The 8 Spiritual Principles

(1) Divine Intelligence created All That Is; thus we are eternal, spiritual consciousness experiencing physical incarnation.

(2) “All That Is” is governed by spiritual law created from love.

(3) All Humanity is of Divine origin and as such, we are one sacred family.

(4) As part of an evolving divinity, we eternally progress through the wise counsel of Divine Intelligence.

(5) We reveal our power, purpose, and path through spiritual practice, and by aligning with Divine Intelligence we live in love and harmony with one’s self, with others in community, and with our Creator.

(6) We create our experiences through the power of mind, and by intentionally creating from love, we progress spiritually thus experiencing more joy and synchronicity. We heal anything that is unlike love.

(7) We create Communities of Encouragement. We treat others as we would treat ourselves; what we give, we receive. We overcome differences by keeping our minds and hearts open to our interconnection with the Divine and all humanity.

(8) These Spiritual Principles are universal and can be found in all the faith traditions and spiritual mythology throughout time.

TEXTBOOK:     The basic philosophy we teach can be found in 
                            “The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel.